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Make your kids happy and make this year's festive days genuine and natural again and light up the sparkles in the eyes of your children. Visit Santa's land, which is far from the crazy world, hidden among trees near Bohinj Lake. In the idyllic wooden cottage in its surroundings the stories of  fairy tale heroes will again come to life this year for the little ones who still believe in fairy tales.

Santa's helper will take you through the forest to an idyllic hut, where all of you will expect a man dressed in red clothes - Santaclaus. In the warm shelter of the hut children will listen to fairy tales at the open fireplace. They will also get cookies and tea.

In the Santa's land we have 2 zip-lines, a slide, a complex spider web, magic fishing, creative workshops under a tent and much more. We also have a Santa's mailbox, where children can bring thei own drawings and letters. 

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