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Debela peč is one of the most popular and easily accessible 2000-meter peaks in Slovenia. The path runs past the lovely Lipanca mountain pasture where you'll be greeted by cows in the summertime, but the friendly mountain hut is open all year long. The views towards the central Julian Alps are great and we recommend to do a "circular" tour by climbing the nearby summits of Brda, Lipanski vrh and Mrežce. There's an abundance of trails and the hike can be extended or shortened easily. Almost the whole hike is technically very easy. The only difficult section is the short but steep part between Lipanski vrh and Mrežce, where you'll find some steel cables. If you have strong vertigo, you won't like this part. If you don't like the steep part, you can descend straight back to Lipanca meadow from the saddle below Lipanski vrh.


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Nestled in the heart of the Julian Alps, Mount Triglav is undoubtedly the most beloved peak in Slovenia.

Not only is it the highest peak in the country, at a height of 2864 m, but it's also a powerful national symbol. It's such a trace of identity that it is said that every "true" Slovenian should stand on the summit of Mount Triglav at least once in their life. But Slovenians are not the only ones allured by the majestic Triglav. Most climbers travelling to Slovenia have it on their bucket lists. And many others choose it as a first experience in the mountains.


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Ljubljana is a capital city of Slovenia where you can visit many places. The Triple bridge is a group of three bridges across the Ljubljanica river. This pedestrian bridge is an idea of an architect who did not want to destroy the old bridge, but needed to enlarge it. Ljubljana castle, which is located on the hill, is a beautiful medieval fort with a lovely view to the city. You can also visit Tivoli park which is the biggest park in Lljubljana where you can relax, take a walk or have a picnic. In Ljublana there are also many museums, ZOO, big shopping centers, big cinema Kolosej and much more. Ljubljana is the center of Slovenia so if you want to visit other beautiful places in the country you will drive around one hour to the place you want to visit - Bled, Bohinj, Piran, Celje, Maribor,...and others.


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Bled is a popular destination in Slovenia and also one of the most popular destinations in Europe due to its romantic scenery and access point for Triglav National Park, which offers numerous outdoor adventure opportunities. The town features a little white church on the island in the center of esmerald green mountain lake and Bled castle on the rock. Bled offers many hiking trails, one of the most popular is Ojstrica, from where opens a stunning view to Lake Bled. You can also hike trough Vintgar gorge which was classified among the more important tourist sights in Slovenia due to its natural beauty. Near Bled are many opportunities for full day hiking trips - Hiking to Talež, Galetovec, Begunjščica, Dobrča,...and much more.
Hiking is an excellent way to discover the natural beauty of Slovenia. Around the country there are over ten thousand kilometers of marked mountain trails of various difficulties. Many Slovenian peaks have mountain huts, offering traditional Slovenian food so that the hikers can also discover the culinary world of Slovenia.


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Triglav is not just a mountain, Triglav is a kingdom, wrote Julius Kugy, famous explorer of Julian Alps. Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia, a national symbol and every ''true'' Slovenian is supposed to stand on its summit at least once. Mt. Triglav is undoubtedly the best known and most visited Slovene mountain. But hiking on mt. Triglav is not for anyone. Hiking on Triglav begins and ends in Vrata valley - a charming valley near Kranjska Gora. Hiking on Triglav can be done in one day, but usually hikers do it in two or more days and sleep in the mountain cabin. It is easier to finish it in two days and you can also enjoy more time in a beautiful nature of Slovenia.


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